When Unsolicited Advice Ends A Friendship

Maybe He Was Her Knight & Shining Armor

A thin black woman in deep thought sits on the edge of her bed hunched over in a fetal position hugging her knees. She is wearing blue jeans and a gray ripped long sleeved blouse.
Photo by Alex Green from Pexels

“It’s better to know now than later,” I somberly said. My tone elevated quickly as I gave her some much-needed advice, “You need to delete him from your memory. Delete him from your phone. Block him on social media. Unfollow him. He’s trash, garbage, not worth your time, and not worth your tears.”



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Starlet Reid

Mom, Young Adult Author, Former Middle School Teacher. Age Enthusiast. I write about all the things I just mentioned and more https://starletreid.com/ .