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Your Dog Is Your Best Friend, Not Ours

Starlet Reid
3 min readAug 29, 2023

He’s just a ba-by.

He just wants to say hi.

He likes you.

A woman is outside standing on green grass in her black leggings and grey long-sleeved sweatshirt. She’s hugging a huge dog that is standing on two legs. The dog hovers over the woman.
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He’s just friendly. Yes, he is! Yes, he is!

He just wants to play.

He doesn’t bite.

Dog lovers are really encouraging, aren’t they? They try to convince us that their pet is the sweetest, friendliest, most charming creature ever. However, we the people; the visitors and pedestrians would appreciate it if you’re pet didn’t invade our space.

Come back here Lucy!

Milo, what did I tell you about that?

Onyx, stop that!

We may smile to hide our annoyance or fear, but what really, really annoys us is that you don’t immediately apprehend your pet. You like to take the let’s-just-wait-and-see-how-my-pet-is-going-to-react-approach.

I ain’t no test dummy!

If you don’t come and get your dog!

When we visit, oftentimes times we’re subjected to your rude pet. Oh yeah, they’re rude and entitled. They make it perfectly clear that we’re the visitor in their space. They will climb on us and sit. And you best believe they’re gonna make you pet them or play with them even when you don’t want to. To make matters worse when we’re eating they will watch us chew. It doesn’t stop there. Your adorable pet will open its mouth, gnawing at our legs to feed them too.

…And you see what’s going on, but you say nothing! OR, OR you encourage us to feed your dog!

An adorable puppy withbig eyes poses for a picture.
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I like dogs. They truly are man’s best friend, I really believe that. I just encourage you, the pet owner, to be cognizant that everyone doesn’t feel the same way you do about your pet. I know that that’s absurd to you, but it’s true. IT’S TRUE!!!!!

Your world consists of your dog licking you on the face and random wet kisses throughout the day. You even sleep with your fury baby and that’s really your business. No judgment. I only ask that you consider the humans who are simply walking by or visiting. We ain’t with all those shenanigans.

How can I say this…boundaries. Is it possible for you to create some sort of boundaries when you take your dog outside? When we visit, can you ask us if we’re comfortable with your pet being around us? Could you consider putting your pet in the other room while we visit? Like, locked in another room?

I know, I’m not speaking your language. I know that your pet is your baby, your best friend. YOUR best friend, not ours. In addition, it is never OK to have your dog frolicking around without a leash. Remember, some states have leash laws. Check your local leash laws, please.

Dog lovers, this has been a public service announcement.

A dog is laying on the grass on his back.
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