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I’ll do it later.

Later becomes the next day.

The next day arrives, and the notification appears.

Dismiss or snooze are your options.

It only takes a call, a meeting, an interruption

to distract you.

Your stomach growls. Time to eat.

Time to clean the kitchen after you eat.

You notice that the trash needs to go out.

The dog needs to be taken out.

As you walk out, there's your Amazon package!

You place the package down and look around.

You need to clean up.

Is that mud? You need to mop as well.

Back inside, a shower or bath?

That was relaxing.

You pick up your phone—social media.

Hours later…

You feel yourself falling into a deep sleep.

Frantically you awake.

You forgot to submit your payment.

The red text reminds you

that no payments are accepted after 5 pm.

Starlet Reid





Do you understand the horror I was going through writing, saving, emailing copies to myself until I discovered Google Docs? Google Docs is my saving grace!

I'm the writer on the go and in the bed. I loved going to the Medium app to add or edit commentary. There were so many days of being in my bed laying in the dark and then inspiration hit! I would grab my phone and write. Those days are gone.

I hope that Medium brings this feature back, it was a cool feature that I really enjoyed. For now, Google Docs will receive all of my impromptu storytelling.



Starlet Reid

Mom, Young Adult Author, Former Middle School Teacher. Age Enthusiast. I write about all the things I just mentioned and more .